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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 7, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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live right on television after you're done. >> you gave steve part of our studio platform? >>steve: no. you will have to tune in. stay tuned. >> i think i'm going to be here for the three hours. >>steve: you will have to stay tuned to find out what exactly was involved. it did involve this pocket hose right here. >>brian: he's supposed to be on the camera, and he goes to get a pocket hose right in the middle of a segment. what are you? an extra? what are you? an august sillry? -- an auxiliary? >> this is getting more intriguing by the minute. i can hardly wait to hear about that hose. >>steve: it was something that happened on friday that went hardly awry. >> was this at the end of the show? >>steve: no. >> when i was on the treadmill, i was watching part of the show, but i missed this whole hose episode. then all of a sudden you guys froze at 8:40.
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maybe it was a direct tv satellite thing. you froze for the next 20 minutes. >>brian: it was chilly outside. >> we've got to get to headlines. it's shaping up to be a big week for white house staff announcements. president obama will nominate john brennan as an ex-c.i.a. director. that could happen as soon as today. brennan previously spent 25 years at the spy agency. mike morrell is acting director. he replaced general petraeus who resigned over an extra marital affair. today we'll begin to hear all of the evidence against the colorado movie massacre. the judge will then decide if the case should go to trial. holmes is accused of killing 12 people, injuring dozens more in that shooting last july. secretary of state hillary clinton heading back to work today. a few hours from now clinton will return to the state department. she was released five days
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ago from a hospital for treatment of a potentially life threatening blood clot. many lawmakers still demanding secretary clinton testify about the benghazi libya terror attack before they vote on john kerry as her successor. look at what's left of this car that had a six-month-old baby inside when it ran a stop sign and collided with a pickup truck. this is in the state of maine. cops say even though the baby was strapped into a car seat he was still thrown from the vehicle, landed in the snow 25 feet away. baby and mom were taken to the hospital with serious but thankfully not life-threatening injuries. cops say the mom could face distracted driving charges. the driver of the truck had minor injuries. those are your headlines today. >>steve: fox news kweurpblg in a couple of confirming president obama will nominate chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the news is drawing
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criticisms from republicans and democrats. >>brian: jennifer, all engines straight ahead for senator hagel? >> that's right. what has republicans and democrats up in arms are remarks hagel made when he was in the senate, about israel. in a 2006 interview with former middle east convoy david miller, hagel said the following: >> i'm a united states senator. i'm a united states senator. [inaudible] >> hagel favored direct talks with iran and is one of two senators to vote against sanctioning iran. members of the senate armed services committee are questioning the president's choice. >> hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an
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organization, terrorist group that lobbed thousands of rockets into israel. >> his defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman, served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. why all the prejudging, i don't know. >> the senate officially rejected nine cabinet nominations since 1834. the last cabinet nominee rejected by the senate was john tower, nominee for secretary of defense in 1989. >>steve: we also know he was for the iraq war but then was against the iraq war, and then said the surge would never work. then when it worked, he never admitted that it worked. >> that's right. he's been on the intelligence advisory committee of the president and the president feels very close to him. brian. >>brian: all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it's a little rehash of the fiscal cliff.
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shortly after that was actually passed, our friend steven moore from the "wall street journal" sat down with john boehner, speaker of the house, who was shortly -- after he sat down -- before reelected. john boehner revealed essentially the president's mind-set. john boehner kept talking about, look, mr. president, we've got a spending problem in this country. and the president said we don't have a spending problem. we've got a problem with health care. health care is the big driver of all the big price tags in this country, he said. and john boehner obviously disagreed. >> a lot of people should agree actually with that. a lot of people say because of obamacare, this is probably not where the president was going with it, but because of obamacare health c and taxes wil go up. it's interesting that he would believe that would be the reason for the spending problem. a lot of people think that's going to be exacerbated with obamacare in full force. >>brian: he goes on to say in what i think is an exclusive interview, he repeated the message so
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often he said toward the end of the negotiations the president became irritated and said i'm getting tired of hearing you say that. really? you've tripled the deficit and you're tired of hearing we have a spending problem. >> here was john boehner's reason as to why he believes the president decided not to move at all on cutting spending in these negotiations. number one, he says, he's so ideological himself. number two, he's unwilling to take on the left wing of his own party. i would add a number three to that which is the president won reelection. this is all about who is in power. you remember when the president won the first term and there was some sort of controversy, and he said look, i won. basically i'm not moving on any of this. it seems in this second term that with regard to this discussion, he feels as if he doesn't have to move at all. in fact, nancy pelosi yesterday is talking about more taxes now. not cutting spending, but more taxes. >> do you then agree with the republican leader in the senate, mr. mcconnell, who says we're done now with the
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taxing side of it? now we have to concentrate on spending. is that done now? the revenue side of it taken care of? >> no. it is not. the president said originally he wanted $1.6 trillion in revenue. he took it down to $1.2 trillion as a compromise in this legislation we get $620 billion. very significant high-end tax, changing high-end tax rate to 39.6%. but that is not enough on the revenue side. we've already agreed to $1 trillion in spending cuts, over $1 trillion in spending cuts. >> what are you talking about? are you talking about more taxes? >> we're talking about looking at the tax code, putting everything on the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes. we know that we can do that. special subsidies for big oil, for example, $38 billion right this. but, again, not to take things in isolation, just to say, okay, how much more revenue can we get as we go
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forward? >> got some bad news for nancy pelosi, who once was speaker of the house, because the current speaker of the house said in that "wall street journal" exclusive that in the next two years absolutely no more tax increases. he also said that he is done negotiating behind the doors, closed doors with the president of the united states because as he learned over the last couple of years, those dealings have been futile. the president simply is not an honest negotiator. >> this deal should set up future deals. it looks pretty bad. he said what am i getting? the president said you don't get anything. the president has to at the end of february have a debt ceiling hitting him in the head. march 1, across-the-board cuts will be automatic. he's going to have to again deal with republicans. then congressional funding runs out. these are three deals coming up from the winter/spring. i don't understand why he isn't setting the table on
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a more positive note. >> john boehner was at home in ohio and he saw harry reid on the floor of the senate calling him a dictator and stuff like that. when they crossed paths in the white house, harry said something -- i'll quote it exactly. >>steve: john boehner said, harry, go -- and then a word we don't skwrebl use use -- we don't generally use on television. >> guys, look, i think a lot of people said the president was concerned about his legacy and he was going to change his tune in the next four years. i think this discussion shows that's simply not the case. i think in those three things you pointed out, brian, as far as coming to the table, i think he's going to have the same tactic, which is i won reelection and i'm not budging. we'll have to see what happens. >>brian: the republicans do hold the house. when itdoms taxes, that is -- when it comes to taxes that is probably a
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nonstarter. >>steve: there are a number of veterans in texas who they were told we want to honor you, so we're going to name a street in a new subdivision after a member of your family. secoro, texas, way
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because it works.
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one major veterans group says he's the wrong choice for the job. join me now c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america. pete, does senator hagel have your support? >> no, he doesn't. on the foreign policy, he wants israel to negotiate with hamas and doesn't -- didn't push sanctions on iran. the mullahs in tehran are happy about this pick. they see it as a path to a bomb. his out and out criticism of israel and the jewish lobby is not the type of thing we need from a secretary of defense. personally as someone who served in iraq before the surge, chuck hagel was also an adamant critic including voting to cut off funding for the war. while our troops were showing success, he denied the success of the troops on the ground. that's not something we're excited to see from a future secretary of defense. >>brian: when the war was
3:16 am
fought wrong, we were slow to react to that, mccain and lindsay graham and senator lieberman came forward and were overconcerned with the strategy. they didn't abandon support for the war. senator hagel supported the war. then he abandoned the war. when the surge was put in place he says it will never work. it worked but he said it didn't have anything to do with anything militarily. >> you want to see resolve from a secretary of defense. you want to see a path to success. that's what the troops want to see, the guys on the ground. they want to see a clear mission and the ability to execute it. that's what some senators did. mccain, lieberman and graham and others who came together to say we need a new strategy. chuck hagel continued to say it can't work in the military. can't do it. even after the surge was successful on the ground. there's a lot of future stuff coming up on spending in the defense department. chuck hagel hasn't passed a single meaningful pass of legislation on defense policy, hasn't had a major speech on it. where is he on the big
3:17 am
spending issues coming forward on the pentagon? we don't know, and that's not a good sign in light of the debt crisis we face. >>brian: you told me at the break, we salute him for the service he's given to the country but you don't think he's right for secretary of defense. >> he would be great for the department of veterans affairs. he pushed the g.i. bill. we give him credit for that completely. secretary of defense requires someone with a clear vision, with some nuance on defense policy in light of the spending crisis we're in right now and forceful support of the united states military and its allies. that's not chuck hagel. >>brian: thanks so much. we'll see hout proceedings -- how the proceedings go forward. anything but smooth even if he does get confirmed. it's a story we've been following. a newspaper revealing the names of legal gun owners including cops. doesn't that put their lives at risk? remember the cash for clunkers program. turns out it was a train wreck. brand-new evidence ahead.
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>>steve: quick monday morning headlines. israel is building a fence along the border with syria. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's necessary to protect israel. violence continues to escalate in syria and there is growing concern about chemical weapons in that region. >> meanwhile, seaside height, new jersey, residents will be able to spend the night in their house against for the first time since super storm sandy hit. over 100 certificates
3:22 am
deeming the home safe to live in were handed out and residents were told they don't have to follow a 10 p.m. curfew anymore. good news for those folks. >>gretchen: by now we've seen that map posted by a new york newspaper pinpointing local gun homeowner addresses. guards and families information appears ton that map. a rockland county sherrif appears about all of that. we were expressing in the commercial break i don't think people understood the domino effect. now inmates are threatening guards. in what way? >> they are saying we know where you live. we know where your family lives. we can retaliate if in fact we choose to. it's a threat that the officers, they come to work, they do their job. and now they've got to worry about when they go
3:23 am
home and their families' safety. >>gretchen: there are 8,000 active and retired new york preponderance of the police officers currently living in your county. what is your feeling about gun ownership legally put out? >> i think it jeopardized all the good people of rockland county as well as other people throughout the state as well as law enforcement. law enforcement is only a piece of what's jeopardized here. people can pinpoint if they were going to do a burglary, a house with a gun. if they wanted to try to get their hands on the gun. or target houses that they know there are no guns at. so they have the option to go either way. but on top of it, all of our own families and law enforcement -- and that's probation, prael, correction action -- parole, corrections, even the fighters. we have many fighters that have piss -- that have pistol permits.
3:24 am
i think the citizens of rockland county and every county in new york city has been jeopardized by this. >>gretchen: what do you think will happen now? gun permits will go up because people have been exposed as not having guns? >> we've seen a major surge in rockland county. i had a conversation with the county clerk yesterday where pistol permit requests are coming in in droves, which puts another burden on everybody in order to accomplish this. >>gretchen: number two, i know that you would like to see legislation to do what? >> to do what? to ban this information, to seal this information. i mean, these are all good citizens. you know, we have a sex offender registry where they had to turn around and make it available to everybody to find out where sex offenders lived. they didn't have legislation to make it available to see everybody that was a law-abiding citizen, whether a police officer or civilian or peace officer lived or that information. and i believe that that should be sealed.
3:25 am
>>gretchen: that's interesting. putnam county asked to reveal this information. they decided to not let that happen. but in your county they did. sheriff falco of rockland county. want to know why california is so broke? wait until you hear how much they paid for a stink detector. charles payne has brand-new evidence that the cash for clunkers program was a train wreck, in his mind. first, happy birthday to kenny loggins. can you believe he's 65 today? [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey!
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>>steve: time for your shot of the morning. this is a replay of what happened on friday. brian wanted what i'm holding in my hand right there. the pocket hose, which is an extraordinary device. unfortunately during the demonstration, for one reason or another the water to the building, the faucet got stuck in the on position and was going and going and going. we actually couldn't hook up the pocket hose. that's al from our crew. and al tried his darnedest to get it hooked up. >>gretchen: could i ask a logical question? why did he turn on the water before we plugged in the hose?
3:30 am
>>steve: what happened was the pocket hose was actually hooked to it but it had already completely extended. it was 75 feet long. i said brian's going to want to see how it starts from a collapse. >>brian: this is my christmas present from lauren petterson. >>gretchen: did you get one, steve? >>steve: no. this is brian's present. >>brian: look at what time it is now. this is even later on friday. the show was over, and still cannot get the water off. >>steve: apparently what happened was the fellow -- god bless him -- he stripped the gears on the hose bib and it was stuck in the on position for several hours. they had to call out the crew. the problem, as you watch that on television, it was about 25 degrees outside. >> they're dealing with all types of elements. they could not get the water off. >>brian: you would think there was nothing else happening in our show. i don't know about you, but i was getting e-mails and tweets all weekend.
3:31 am
did they ever get the water off? what is the pocket hose like? have you tried your pocket hose yet? there it is right now. >>steve: we have tapped tapped -- we have capped it off. >>gretchen: let's try it again. >>brian: that night i was in clarendon virginia i was at the liberty tavern and the clerk sent a message, ask did they ever turn the pocket hose off. nothing about what else is going on. a great device. >>gretchen: for the new year, i guess this helps us come up with new segment ideas. let's just discuss the pocket hose. >>steve: that's the beauty of the "fox & friends" show. we can do it all. we can have some facts and have your fun. >>gretchen: you couldn't be satisfied with the pocket sheer. >>steve: i'm big into
3:32 am
pockets. then i realized my hose takes up too much room in the front of my house. >>gretchen: this color is so nondescript. >>brian: it doesn't stand out. i'm going to bring this home now. it works great, by the way. that's what happened. >>gretchen: my goodness. they never got so much advertising. let's do headlines. in a few hours a man accused of plotting to bomb the new york subway steufpl is going to face a judge. he will be arraigned in a new york court. he was extradited last week from british custody. >>steve: the united states has given afghanistan over $20 billion in the last decade. and how many lives have been lost over there? but when president karzai meets president obama this week in washington, he's reportedly coming to complain. reports say the list of grievances includes accusations that the united states has promoted
3:33 am
corruption and violated that country's sovereignty. the meeting comes as nato troops plan to withdraw in 2014. >>brian: how many leave behind -- confuse leads to chaos at a mall in louisiana cops ordered everyone out after 200 teens gathered in the food court for a flash mob. some started fighting. panic broke out as shoppers tried scrambling out of the mall. no one hurt. cops say the number of people will be face of charges. >>gretchen: smog regulators spent $200,000 on a stink detector in california. the system will warn people in the san fernando valley when a strong stench is coming their way from the salt and sea. last year tons of dead fish in algae in salton sea sent a nasty smell over 100 miles in the san fernando valley. people panicked and flooded
3:34 am
911 lines. officials hope to stop that in the future. i'm not sure a stink detector is a good way to smell money. >>brian: you usually smell and say that stinks. in the world of sports yesterday, great weekend for football. not if you're a redskins family. robert griffin iii going down in the fourth with the seahawks. he was playing hurt with an m.c.l. sprain. the injury was fine in the first quarter but went bad. seattle goes on to win 24-14. a lot of people are questioning whether he should have played or not. redskins coach mike xian hahn facing a heap of criticism for legislate rg 3 play. he is also coming under fire from the team doctor who said he never okayed him to play. baltimore beat the kolgts
3:35 am
to advance to the -- beat the colts to advance in the playoffs. joe flacco, the only quarterback in nfl history to win at least one playoff game in each of his first five seasons. the ravens take on the broncos next week. fans gave a final farewell to lewis as he takes a victory lap. doug marone, my ex-neighbor moving up in the sports world. he now becomes the buffalo bills head coach. he was the offensive coordinator for the saints and worked for the jets in the offensive line. he's considered an offensive genius and a great guy. the top of his resume is the fact that he's my neighbor. i think i should be getting season bills tickets. >>steve: if he was still your neighbor he could be getting your pocket hose. >>brian: if he was my neighbor he'd be commuting a very long distance.
3:36 am
>>steve: 22 minutes till the top of the hour. the cash for clunkers program was supposed to save all of us money. >>gretchen: the program designed to take gas tkpwuz letters off the street did more harm than good. charles payne from the fox network is here. people remember the cash for clunkers program. it was controversial for a variety of reason. now we're talking about this environmental report. what happened? >> there is a lot of things when people say these are unintended consequences. i think most people thought this was a stupid idea to begin with. 750,000 cars yanked off the road, used cars, people seduced into buying a brand-new car when they couldn't afford it. subprime loans through the roof. now there is a report on the environmental side. it was an absolute disaster because what they did instead of recycling these cars, they shredded them. when you shred, you get this residue. from this particular prapbl it could be the ekweuf -- program it could be the equivalent of 24 million
3:37 am
barrels of oil. imagine if an oil tanker spilled that much oil off the coast of an american city. people would be in an uproar. after we shredded it, we took that metal and sold it for junk to china. think about this for a moment. it is an absolute abysmal disaster. the thing is this was a preventible disaster. very few people thought this was a good idea when it was announced. >>brian: they didn't think it through. the other byproduct after they shredded the used car was some people need used car. the used car market suddenly dried up too. >> since 2007 the average price of a used car is up 33%. over that same period a new car is only up 9%. >>gretchen: because they took away the incentive for people to go and buy new cars after they all cashed in on this clunker program. >> and there is no inventory. the average car in this countries is 11 years old. it used to be 8 years old. a lot of people are sitting
3:38 am
on their cars. if you want a used car it is kind of hard to get one because we took 750,000 of them and shred them. >>brian: we thought this was a huge success. a lot of people thought this was better than we thought. >> kind of helped out that g.m. bailout. >>brian: it helped a lot of car dealers. >> it helped a lot of car dealers. >>gretchen: not really. they didn't have customers after that. >> here's the bottom line. all this sort of engineering that went on, whether for the housing market, whether for the cars, none of it really worked. when you start to say i'm going to pay someone $4,000 to buy a car with an electric battery, wait until we start getting environmental reports when people start to discard batteries from the volt. you've got to put them in the yucca mountain somewhere. this is the kind of stuff when the government decides they're going to pick winners and losers and engineer the economy, it never works. it costs a lot of money. in this case it is also costing the environment.
3:39 am
>>steve: thanks for the cheery report. >> i was at the redskins game so i'm in a bad news. i'm hosting varney together. we're going to have grover norquist. we're going to give him a heart time because i say this fiscal cliff might have been his waterloo. >>steve: in a couple of minutes, the former marine who wrote a scathing letter to dianne feinstein will join us live. >>gretchen: matt damon wants us to believe that fracking is bad in his movie but a secret report says no fracking way.
3:40 am
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>>steve: time for news from the control room, he plays a detective on television but now criminal minds thomas gibson is on
3:43 am
the other side of the law. he's been arrested for drunk driving after cops say he drove through a police barricade in downtown l.a. he's been booked and released on bail. a french actor getting the star treatment in russia. hours after receiving his official passport, the actor was invited to mordovia where he was offered a place to live. he was greeted by the mayor and well-wishers in traditional costumes and presented with gifts from russia with love. >>brian: is that new matt damon movie "promised land" a disguised attack ad against fracking? >>gretchen: in that movie it is blamed for posing potentially health risks. >> hi. i'm here because my farm is gone. the land turned brown and died. >>gretchen: the only problem is a study from the new york health department says fracking is actually safe. joining us now is phalem.
3:44 am
what does this report tell us? >> what every other report tells us that fracking is safe. it doesn't damage water, doesn't damage the environment. the only thing surprising is that people are surprised by it. fracking has been going on in america for 50 years, 60 years and never proven to have environmental health threats. >>brian: what it has done in pennsylvania has done what? given how much money? >> $12 billion. anywhere there has been fracking in america, there has been no recession. i think president obama won ohio because of a fracking boom there. >>gretchen: here is emily desantas of the department
3:45 am
of environmental con sraeugs. she says the report is outdated. the document is nearly a year old. no conclusion should be drawn from this partial outdated study. what would we learn if it's a year old, what's changed? >> nothing. fracking is 60 years old. there's nothing new to learn. it doesn't pollute the water. hr*s is lisa jackson said there has never been -- >>gretchen: the director of the e.p.a. >>brian: new york is so depressed upstate. it could revitalize the economy. they have been sitting on this report for two years. it's up to the governor to green light it. movies like matt damon could help environmentalists stop fracking from happening. >> would you go up against hollywood billionaires? these are powerful people.
3:46 am
the people advocating for fracking are small farmers. they have no voice, no power, no access to the media. we're making a documentary, "frack nation" coming out on access tv on january 22. until that documentary appeared there has been no voice. >>brian: you're it. >> governor cuomo, i assume he's playing politics. he's worried about these powerful voices. but he needs to listen to the 99%. not the 1% who are against fracking. >>gretchen: it comes outs the 22nd. thank you for your time. coming up on tprobgz frocks, the best -- coming up on "fox & friends," the best way to get rich, throw out your budget. >>brian: he told senator feinstein keep your hands off my gun. that man coming in just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
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>>steve: well cock back. in the wake of the newtown massacre, democratic senator dianne feinstein wasted no time for calling for stricterring gun laws. that move prompted one marine to strike back with a letter that minced no words for the senator. he joins us right now from fort worth, texas. joshua, thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >>steve: why did you write the letter to senator dianne feinstein? >> our tpaorpls are important to us -- our firearms are important to us and they're something we have to have to keep the country going. it starts us on a slippery
3:51 am
slope, they take these away. next they come from the bolt action guns. there is no reason to register other than to confiscate at a later point in time. >>steve: the letter he wrote has gone viral. i would like you to read a passage from it because it summarizes your point. >> it says i am not your subject. i'm the man who keeps you free. i am not your servant. i'm the person whom you serve. i am not your peasant. i'm the flesh and blood of america. i'm the man who fought for my country. i am the man who learned. i am an american. >>steve: that's what you wrote to senator feinstein. her office did respond to say senator feinstein respects corporal boston service. she heard from thousands including gun owners who support her plan. the legislation would be carefully focused to protect the rights of existing gun owners.
3:52 am
what do you think of her response? >> this idea that the rights of existing gun owners is limited to hunting and sporting purposes is absurd and has no basis in the bill of rights. that's not what it was for. >>steve: i think you like a lot of people, joshua, are worried that the federal government is going to come after our guns. >> it's something we've seen happen time and time again in history, with stalin. it happened in cambodia. then of course the third reich. no one saw that coming until it was too late. >>steve: this was in the wake of the massacre up at the newtown elementary school. do you feel any changes should be made to the gun laws as they are? there are 2,000 of them out there right now, in many cases simply not effective. >> one change we need to hopb tphefptly look at is this idea of a gun-free zone. essentially all it does is advertise a hunting ground for predators in our
3:53 am
society. it forces people to be disarmed. when i go to class, i have to leave my concealed carry weapon in my vehicle. if somebody were to come in, i would be forced to be defenseless. most policies across the nation, colleges and even schools are for students to hide and hope for the best. it's absurd. >>steve: i believe sandy hook elementary was a gun-free zone but we know what happened there. you say the assault weapons legislation she is proposing, there was an assault weapons ban for ten years. you don't think it's going to work? >> it didn't do anything before. there was a decline in crime before the ban was passed. the decline continued throughout the ban. it continued even more since. >>steve: you don't see it making any difference? >> no, i really don't. just limiting our rights to guns, limiting what people can own in their homes is going to embolden criminals to be more violent like we see in great britain where
3:54 am
they have a fifth of our population but they have over 2.2 million incidents of violent crime a year whereas we had 1.2 this year. >>steve: the reaction to your letter, from people you've heard from? >> generally it's been pretty positive. there have been a fair number of people on the other side of the aisle. but it's kind of disturbing that people are calling for my death because i'm a member of the n.r.a. they're worried about me. i go to class and i go to the range on occasion. >>steve: thank you for your service and joining us today. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stroeup he left a -- >>steve: he left a phone in a cab and discovered somebody was using it to somebody was using it to get and date.s to stay in motio. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, january 7, 2013. happy new year. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your time with us today. president obama set to pick chuck hagel as the new leader of the department of defense.
3:58 am
but the republican already facing criticism from his own party over some controversial comments about israel. >> brian: nancy pelosi says more taxes are on the table, but the middle class will be spared. isn't that what they promised before and didn't your paycheck take a hit on friday? donald trump weighs in. he has a lot of money. >> steve: and forget everything you've heard about saving money. we're talking to a self-made millionaire who says throw your budget out the window. then what do you do? >> brian: way ahead of him. >> steve: stick around, "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. >> steve: live from studio e, it's "fox & friends" friends. gretch is back. >> gretchen: happy new year, everybody. hope odd great christmas, hanukkah, happy new year, everything. now we're back to work. >> steve: let's hurry up 'cause i got to get home to watch doubt and abbey. >> brian: that's all you talk
3:59 am
about. >> steve: you got to see it. it's the third season kicking offment it's great. >> gretchen: i heard about this and one of the wonderful make-up artists here at fox gave me the dvd for the first season. i vowed i was gog watch it over christmas break and at this not. soy need to keep your cd for a little longer, but i'm taping season 3 as well. >> steve: that's one of those shows you watch on dvd, you don't watch it live. you watch this show live, then go watch your dvr. >> brian: right. i am in the middle of watching the last season of "the brady bunch." this is when they add oliver. >> gretchen: i have the whole cd set if you want to borrow it. >> brian: i wish i knew. >> gretchen: do you know they were only on for two or three seasons total? >> steve: you want to know how it ends? >> brian: no. i know it ends with peter's voice changing and they try to get an album. big mistake. that's why we should never form a band. >> brian, you're fired. >> gretchen: starring you on the clarinet. >> steve: donald trump coming up in two minutes. >> gretchen: now headlines. that's going to be a big day for
4:00 am
white house staff announcements. the obama administration confirming to fox news' ed henry that in a few hours, president obama will unveil his new national security team. he's going to nominate chief counterterrorism advisor john brennan as the next c.i.a. director. president obama will also nominate chuck hagel, former senator for defense secretary, which has been criticized by democrats and republicans. democratic senator john kerrymif state. today for the very first time we'll hear all the evidence against colorado movie massacre suspect james holmes. at his preliminary hearing, prosecutors expected to call dozens of witness. they will play the 911 calls and show video from inside the movie theater. the judge will then decide if the case should go to trial. why wouldn't it? holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more in the shooting last july. secretary of state hillary clinton heading back to work today t. in a few hours, mrs. clinton will return to the state department. she was released five days ago from the hospital for treatment of a potentially
4:01 am
life-threatening blood closet many lawmakers demanding that the secretary testify about the benghazi, libya, terrorist attack before they vote on john kerry as her successor. i think i have a bet with steve for a buck on that. >> steve: you owe me. >> gretchen: she hasn't testified yet. >> steve: she will. >> gretchen: california couple thought hundreds of love letters they wrote to each other were gone forever after a trunk containing them was stolen 50 years ago. the trunk ended up in the hands of a stamp collector whose son eventually tracked the couple down. >> he brings back all those memories. >> it's a very emotional for us. brings back, as she says, marvelous memories of getting the letters, of times lived. >> gretchen: they have been married for 70 years. they say they hope to reread the letters again. those are your headlines. >> steve: joining us to talk about his love letters, not,
4:02 am
donald trump, author of "time to get tough." hello, how are you? >> good morning. >> steve: there is the book there. gretch led our news with the fact that president obama is going to nominate chuck hagel as secretary of defense. he's got baggage, though. we've got something, we're going to play a snippet for you of something he said back in 2006. i'm going to read it to you. he said, quote, the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people here. i'm not an israeli senator, i'm a united states senator. he said in an interview back in 2006. do you think he's going to wind up with the votes to become our next secretary of defense? >> a lot of people want to fight him. they don't like what he is saying about israel and they want to fight and they didn't like his views on the war very much either. although a lot of people can also say his views change addickcally and sometimes and i always tell people, change is not necessarily the wrong thing. you don't just get wedded to a policy that's not working or won't work. so change isn't necessarily the
4:03 am
worst thing. but they do not like his views and stance on israel. >> gretchen: isn't it interesting that he's apparently close to president obama, even though he's a republican. i think in a way, president obama is good at manipulating and i'm just wondering if this is a choice because it's going to put republicans in a works again. this -- box again, to have to answer to why wouldn't they vote for a republican? >> i'm a republican and i will tell you i'm so disappointed in what the republicans are doing. i'm so disappointed in their negotiating ability and what happened recently. they could have wrapped up a big, beautiful package that would have been great for the country and didn't choose to do it. instead, they're going step by step and losing each step of the way. now you see what's going on with others and nancy pelosi saying well, that was just one tax raise. now we're going to do it again. and they could have wrapped it up and it could have been a beautiful package and they had all the cards and i don't know what is happening.
4:04 am
i don't know who these negotiators are, but like they're the worst i've ever seen. >> brian: you're a master at negotiating. you have written books about it, give seminars and classes about it. so where did you see the leverage that speaker boehner didn't? >> unbelievable leverage, you have the debt ceiling coming up, which they should have put into this package, not waited a month or two months, and you have all of these things coming up and obama would have folded. 100%. as sure as you're sitting there, obama would have folded like a deck of cards. he had no choice. instead of doing that, they raise taxes and then norquist comes out of the and says that's okay, that's not really a tax raise. i don't know what these people are too long. i don't know what they're saying. they could have had an incredible, big, beautiful package, great for the country. everything wpped up, everything finished. now they'll be fighting again. but you just see it. that was supposed to be the tax increase and now nancy pelosi says no, no. that's not the end of it.
4:05 am
they're toying with the republicans and honestly, i said the other day, i guess it got a lot of coverage, it was all overt place, they may be the worst negotiators i've ever seen. >> gretchen: if you were the speaker, you would not have put that tax increase on the table because he basically started the negotiation by saying, hey, we'd be willing to increase taxes on people who make over a million dollars. you would not have done that as a first tact in a negotiation? >> if i were the speaker, i would have made sure that there was one deal and no further negotiations and everything would have taken place. everything would have been put in. we would have had massive spending cuts, which is what we need because ultimately the tax increases are peanuts compared to what you need in spending. you look at fraud and all the things going wrong with this country. fraud is massive. i would have made one deal. it would have been a big, beautiful deal and the country could go back to work. this is going to go on forever. >> brian: donald, and i'm far be it from me to tell you how it negotiate, but evidently the
4:06 am
president, according to the "wall street journal," never shuts up, rambles to not give anybody else a chance to talk, number one. number two, he said that he would have allowed all the taxes to go up, the bush tax rates to evaporate and then bought bill together saying i'm going to reduce it for everybody making $250,000, forcing republicans to have voted for that. so he might have had some leverage. >> they're not forced to vote for anything. they control one third of the vote and control it fairly strongly. it was great dissension when this one deal was made. so look, if they would have said, we're going to either have a big deal, the grand deal, the deal that everybody wants to see or we're not going to have any deal at all, absolutely 100% they would have gotten it. instead they do this and now the republicans are being eaten alive step by step. watch what happens when nancy pelosi. it's going to continue onward and i say who are these people? what are they doing?
4:07 am
>> steve: it's interesting because john boehner after the election said, okay, mr. president obama, we're going to give you 800 billion and he said, famously now we know, i already got that. but what it talks about in the "wall street journal" is about how the president simply is so inflexible. initially he put out in the last grand bargain thing, perhaps raising one of the retirement ages. but then he realized, wait a minute, i can't even sell it to the left wing of the democratic party. so he pulled that away. so he wasn't going to give up anything. >> the worst thing the republicans are doing is even talking. the president and the democrats would absolutely have come to the table if the republicans said, it's going to be the big deal or no deal at all. they would have absolutely -- now they talk a good game and for some reason, i don't know, the republicans are folding. they keep folding. it's embarrass to go watch what happens. >> brian: they fear they're going to be blamed. >> who cares. in two weeksers people will forget about it.
4:08 am
>> steve: john boehner says no more behind the scenes negotiating. one on one with the president. it's going to be out in the full house, which we're all interested in transparency anyway. going forward with this president. >> look, i know john boehner and i really like him. i just don't know what's going on with this negotiation. >> brian: well call! >> they've had the cards. they're losing the cards rapidly. and these people are just taking bite after bite and republicans do nothing about it. ultimately it's very bad fort nation what's happening. >> gretchen: brian brings up a good point. i wonder if john boehner, other members of congress have reached out to expert negotiators like yourself and others to see if they could get any advice. did you ever get any phone calls about anything? >> the truth, it's not really about expert negotiators. this is almost common sense. this is nothing to do with negotiation. this is like basic 101 common sense. what's going on is incredible. >> steve: right. >> he has the cards. i don't know if he still has the cards. to be honest, he's losing them
4:09 am
because they're losing so much credibility. the republicans are losing all of their credibility. it's an embarrassment. >> brian: they're dealing with a president who is on record saying, we don't have a spending problem. so what makes it challenge to go negotiate with someone who doesn't admit the problem is the problem. the "new york times" front page story talks about all these insurance companies, who under obamacare have to raise rates and ask permission to make ends meet, up to 22%, major companies, because of obamacare and these new rules. your thoughts? >> everybody knew that. we knew that going in. everybody knew that when they voted and it's only getting worse and actually it's turned out to be much worse than they originally thought and a lot of businesses are going to go out of business because they can't afford it. everybody knew it when that bill was passed it was going to be a disaster. >> gretchen: or they're going to put them on the government program. >> we're going to see what happens. but it will cost, one way or the other, cost a lot of money and it's not a good thing. >> steve: also, several times today, sitting at that great big desk of his overlooking downtown
4:10 am
new york city, donald trump will be doing some tweeting. it's at real donaldtrump. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you very much. >> steve: always a pleasure. >> brian: i'm wearing my donald trump tie today. >> steve: it's fashion. >> gretchen: i got to get myself one. donald trump will like our next guest, congresswoman ann wagner, one of the record number of women on capitol hill and already she has a plan to cut spending without raising taxes. >> brian: then. >> steve: he left his phone in a cab and then discovered somebody else was using it to troll for dates. >> brian: i'm too shocked to read on. >> steve: the brilliant way he tricked that thief into giving it back. his story coming up. ♪
4:11 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. 16 minutes after the top of the hour. with a record number of women making up the new congressional ranks, will the female contingency, 101 strong, be able to break the gridlock of partisan bickering in washington? joining me is freshman congresswoman ann wagner of missouri. good morning to you, congresswoman. >> good morning, gretchen. great to be with you and your listeners. >> gretchen: i can tell maybe a female producer wet that introduction to you. i guess the implication is that women are better at solving problems, do you see that coming down the pike in congress? >> absolutely. women are doers. we are multi taskers. we're good listeners. i think we bring people together. mainly what we're good at is reaching out across the aisle, reaching out within our own party and our constituents.
4:15 am
we have been sent here in the new 113th congress to get things ton. i'm a doer and i'm anxious to get to work. >> gretchen: so one of the things that the american people have been so frustrated about is congress doing basically nothing. the house has done things. they passed a budget. the senate basically has taken a pass for the last three years. many americans frustrated. we just had donald trump on the show. he's frustratessed not only with democrats, but with his own party of republicans. how do you see what donald trump was saying that basically republicans gave away everything in this fiscal cliff deal? >> what was upsetting about the fiscal cliff deal is we got no spending cuts. things were done in the nth hour behind closed doors. i think the american public and certainly congress is frustrated with this deal making and these back room negotiations. this needs to be transparent and open. there needs to be a lively debate. i think on many of these issue, there has been a debate, a
4:16 am
national debate regarding our spending that is out of control. we are here in the 13th congress to rein in spending, to do something about this debt that is crippling our children's future and to tackle the big issue, the hard issues like entitlement reform. >> you heard in the equal street journal article who is out with john boehner saying the president apparently told him unequivocally that spend something not a problem in this country. how do you combat it when the president appears not to be budging at all on that? >> we take it to the people. the american people know that we have a spending problem. they know the government needs to be limbed and too intrusive in their lives. a majority of americans voted for divided government. they want us to get this job done. they realize that 16 1/2 trillion dollars and growing, this fiscal cliff deal adds another 3 1/2 to $4 trillion. we are on a trajectory that is
4:17 am
not sustainable. it is wrong. it can't be economically supported. and it is a horrible future for our children and our grandchildren. i ran for congress to be a strong and effective conservative leader and it's time that we stopped kicking the can down the road and we get things done. i'm hoping that i will be able to, along with the large contingent of women to move the ball forward and make things happen. >> gretchen: before i let you go, i found it interesting that a compromise has been sort of deemed a dirty word by many when it comes to members of congress. you are calling it solutions. right? >> i am. i'm calling it solutions and taking action. and putting real common sense principles in place and we don't have to give up on our conservative principles in order to get things done. and the time is now. we are in congress in an historic period of time when the
4:18 am
responsibility and the trust is on us and i've been a doer my entire life. whether it's been in small birks whether it's been in politics or in public service, the u.s. embassy. i want to take those skill sets and move the ball forward and get things done. i'm anxious to do that and i'm excited to do it and it's a marvelous public trust we've been given. >> gretchen: with so many women in congress, good role models for a lot of little girls and boys watching this morning as well. congresswoman ann wagner, republican from missouri, thanks so much. >> thank you, gretchen. a pleasure. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," forget everything you heard about saving money. this self-made millionaire says throw your best of my knowledge jet out window. then he got so drunk on a flight, he had to be duct taped to his own seat. new i details coming up i never t d enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it'because i do. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. join for free and expect amazing. because it works.
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after
4:22 am
the top of the hour. crews freed a rig that ran aground in alaska and says there is no sign it sprung a leak. they refloated off the rocks and say they'll tow it 30 miles away to a nearby island as long as the weather holds up. a search in washington state for this expert sky diver will resume by air this morning. the ground search for 29-year-old curt rupert has been called off. he hasn't been seen since thursday when he was sky diving above the cascades mountains. guys? >> steve: thanks. have you ever made a promise to yourself to start saving money? a lot of people do that with new year. you put it off until next week. next paychecks, and then you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck for years and not ever getting a big nest egg. >> brian: our next guest says it's easy to save money. you're just going about it all the wrong way. joining us right now is the author of "i will teach you to be rich." the first thing we have to do is forget about the budget?
4:23 am
>> that's right. the first piece of advice is keep a budget. they say no thank you. and they put the book back. that's because we don't want to keep budgets. it's difficult to do it and makes us feel guilty. each time we try write down every single transaction we have done, you say, i don't want to do this. close the note pad and never do it again. >> brian: what do you do instead? >> first of all, instead of focusing on these little pieces of -- >> brian: lattes. >> i like to focus on just two big wins. just two. i take the two biggest discretionary expenses in my life and for a lot of my readers, it's eating out, drinking. that's because some are degette rate readers of mine of the just those two expenses. over the next six months, i'm going to cut down 20 to 30% on those. not worrying about 3, $4 expenditures which don't add up to anything in the grand scheme. >> steve: you also say stop relying on willpower. >> every day we wake up, we're
4:24 am
faces with 50 choices we could do with our money. go out to lunch, the truth is if we just get these big wins in order, we don't have to worry about the little things. so our willpower is limited. let's focus in on the big things this life, like spending time with our family, being better at work and not worry being the little things. >> brian: you talk about something like automatic withdrawals. for example, into roth iras, 401(k)s, set the percentage and forget about it. >> exactly. that's worth more than any budget you could ever do. when that money comes and you get paid through your paycheck, some will go to your 401(k). some to an ira, maybe some saving for your kids' education that. is way more important than keeping a line item budget on all your minor expenditures. >> steve: this has been interesting because it flies in the face of what a lot of financial people say. >> they don't like me very much because i say the advice doesn't work. let's focus on what works. not what sounds good. >> brian: what about discipline? aren't you a product of discipline?
4:25 am
>> that's important. no doubt. but i know i have limited willpower, like we all do. so i want to use systems to take over my limited discipline when i'm not strong enough. >> steve: the message i have heard here is he's going to buy us a latte [ laughter ] good news for steve milk. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: a man that can retire but doesn't want to. i like that. >> steve: plus he should be at least 30 before he retires. >> brian: why are you talking to me in front of him. >> steve: sorry. straight ahead, somebody else, you got so wasted on a flight, he had to be taped to his seat. new details on chris chulo coming up. >> brian: that is not chris chulo! >> brian: now this alabama quarterback is playing for the bcs quarterback tonight. his amazing story straight ahead
4:26 am
4:27 am
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ask your doctor about spiriva. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> gretchen: 7:30 now and time for your shot of the morning. come to your screen if you're not looking at this. yeah, exactly. oy. this is a drunk passenger duct taped to his seat on the airplane after a booze-fueled meltdown on a flight from iceland, to new york. now his family is speaking out, saying his unruly behavior is totally out of character. they say he's not a violent person.
4:30 am
passengers said he drank a whole bottle of duty free alcohol, then became belligerent and arrested in new york and taken to the hospital, but not facing any charges. >> steve: i don't know how smart it was to duct tape his mouth shut. >> gretchen: as far as breathing? >> steve: and any owe problem. >> brian: emergency being on the inside seat. it's hard enough to get these guys to move when you got to go to the bathroom, let alone when he's duct taped. you mind if i climb over your thighs? >> steve: after drink ago bottle, maybe he had to go, but he was duct tape to do a chair. >> gretchen: maybe he was being rude to a female passenger. i think that was the problem. >> brian: that's why the seat is empty. >> steve: wait until you hear 17 of the secrets your flight attendant will not tell you. for instance, you know when you're on a plane and it's first thing in the morning and ask you for a big tall cup of joe 'cause you need the caffeine? decaf. >> gretchen: i'm upset at these 17 things. some of them are very upsetting
4:31 am
that they -- >> brian: why? >> gretchen: we're going to reveal them in 30 minute, but they'll get you steamed. >> steve: in the wake of sandy hook, diane feinstein is talking about new legislation to control assault weapons and other things and after she posted that information on her web site, a retired marine named joshua boston wrote an open letter to the senator and said, quote, i am not your subject. i am the man who keeps you free. i am not your servant. i am the person whom you serve. i am not your peasant. i'm the flesh and blood of america. i am the man who fought for my country. i am the man who learned. i am an american. joshua boston was on our program earlier and said that feinstein's bill sets autopsy slippery slope going forward regarding guns. >> rifles, for 323 deaths in 2011 and homicides. so i mean, more people were
4:32 am
killed by hands, fists and feet. but we go after this because it was used in this atrocious event. and next thing you know, the next time somebody use has bolt action rifle to kill people like happened in the '60s with charles whitman at ut, they're going to go after deer rifles and then shotguns because the precedent will be set. limiting our rights to guns and limiting what people can own in their home is going to embolden criminals to be more violent with us, like weigh see in great britain where they have a fifth of our population, but they have over 2.2 million incidents of violent crime a year. >> steve: he has said that the reaction has been unusual. he's gotten a lot of positive support, but then again, some other people say on-line they want to kill him. >> brian: mental health has to be part of this debate because you look at the last three incident, all three of these guys were nuts and people knew it! >> gretchen: i thinks that part of some legislation.
4:33 am
it needs to be a comprehensive look at the entire issue. let's do some headlines now. his plans to visit north korea drew strong criticism from the state department. but despite those objections, we now have new video of google chairman eric schmidt arriving in north korea. he is the highest profile u.s. executive to visit the country known for restrictive on-line policies. he's there with bill richardson, who is defending the trip. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. >> gretchen: the state department says it's wrong to visit just weeks after north korea's controversial rocket launch. >> brian: all right. confusion leads to chaos in a mall in louisiana. >> get out! >> brian: cops ordered everyone out after 200 teens gathered in a food court for a flash mob and some started fighting. as you can see, panic broke out,
4:34 am
shoppers tried scam scrambling out. no one hurt. cops say a number of people will be charged and facing charges. >> steve: check this out. this could be the world's first dash cam video. it's footage of new york city firefighters from 1926, right out the front. >> brian: on the sidewalk? >> steve: that is look out, buddy. pull over. somebody mounted the camera on the truck as they rushed to a warehouse fire. you can see the bell ringing out front and traffic was just as bad as -- >> brian: chris just said it's from "the little rascals." >> steve: it kind of looks like it. traffic was just as bad in the 1920s as it is now. at one point, they jumped on the sidewalk and everybody goes crazy. >> brian: mayor bloomberg must feel good, they didn't plow the snow there either. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's amazing. >> steve: that is. >> brian: i hope it's real. we always do. >> gretchen: looks the same now. look. people crossing when they're not supposed to. jay walkers.
4:35 am
>> brian: how does the truck get in between the truck? is this guy on a bike? >> gretchen: you know what? i'm not buying this. >> steve: first dash cam, we think. >> gretchen: i don't know. new york man sets up an on-line dating scene to get back his cell phone. he lost his on new year's eve, so the next day he noticed the thief was using it to log on to his dating profile. he pretended to be a 24-year-old girl. he messaged the thief, even set up a date so when he met the man, he offered him $20 for the phone. the thief handed it over and took off. what we're miss not guilty this story is he had 20 bucks in one hand, he had a hammer in the other hand because he's meeting this guy and thinking, if he doesn't give me the phone back, i might need this. he got the phone back. brian? >> brian: i would love to get my ipad back and my son's phone was stolen. this hurts a lot more than just losing the game.
4:36 am
robert griffin ii. one of the great guys in sports going down against the seahawks, clearly hurting. he reaggravated his knee injury. he is scheduled for an mri today. seattle won the game. they play the 49ers next week. seattle was a tremendous in the second half, regardless. mike shanahan facing criticism for letting rgiii play to begin with and coming under fire by the team doctor. shanahan claims andrews gave him the okay. andrews said, i never gave him the okay. that will be a scandal. retirement will have to wait for the ravens ray lewis. baltimore ravens beat the colts 24-9 to advance in the playoffs. joe flacco threw two touch the ravens got their hands full next week. they about to the broncos. a great regular season, peyton manning never looked better and they had a week off.
4:37 am
thanksgiving, had a farewell to lewis. it was the last home game of his career. from the brink of death to the brink of back to back championships, bacanovic quarterback leads them to the bcs title game tonight after he got a second chance at life. he was five years old when he was nearly killed in a jet ski accident. his younger brother says doctors said he would be blind if he survived. this is a miracle to see where he is at today. crimson tide faces the number within team in the nation, the fighting irish, tonight. but alabama is favored. that's a quick look at sports. >> gretchen: all right. guess who ventured outside? >> brian: steve's got guts. >> steve: i'm next to where we hooked up the pocket hose and the faucet, something got stripped in there. i'm just anding what they did to shut it offment it took over two hours. look at this. kind of an old school thing because the threads were stripped. they hammered a socket right on
4:38 am
to that thing. the problem is, it does not close now. so i'm just going to hold it shut. >> brian: the stain of "fox & friends" finds itself on the perimeter of the building. >> steve: i got a feeling they're going to fix that. we got to do a happy birthday. guess who was born over the weekend. we got a beautiful picture. camera guy ed and his wife, jessica, just had another baby, their second that. is conner joseph. how handsome is he? conner joseph, cojo, close to khojak. i should be whispering because he's sleeping. meanwhile, let's take a look at what kind of a day this will be co- joe's first monday. you can see we've got some cloud cover all wait from the northern plains. a little snow around the great lakes states and a little rain through portion of florida and portions of the empire state of new york. otherwise most of the country is
4:39 am
nice and dry. current readings as you head out the door on this monday, it's cold in caribou. 7 below. it is 0 in provo. in new york city, almost 40. much warmer than pocket hose day. temperatures much warmer down in florida. later on today in tampa, looks like a daytime high will be 71 degrees. 51 in raleigh. here in new york city, 41. northern plains, as you can see, minneapolis, 33. 43 in rapid city. smack dab in the middle of the country, kansas city should top off at 50 degrees. that's your fox travelcast from outside where it's actually not too bad this morning. >> brian: i think it's going to get in the 50s today. i have to talk to you later and find out for sure. >> steve: i'll ask maria. she'll tell me. >> brian: okay. >> gretchen: thanks, steve. help is on the way for victims of super storm sandy. president obama signed off on a scaled back aid package which gives fema $10 billion for flood
4:40 am
insurance claims. the full package will be voted on january 15. >> brian: this morning residents of hard hit seaside heights, new jersey, are waking up in their homes for the first time since the storm hit. wnyw reporter is there live. hey, lydia. >> good morning. seaside heights normally at its peak about 65,000 people come visit during the summer. 3,000 people live here year round. this is what seaside heights still looks like right over here. you still see a lot of road blocks, a lot of empty streets. for the first time since sandy hit more than two months ago, about 100 homeowners will be allowed to finally move back in. officials granted them what's called a certificate of occupancy, which allows them to move back in, which is great news. they are finally inch towards normalcy. but still a long way to go. a lot of rebuilding here to go. governor chris christie has said
4:41 am
that although the jersey shore looks very different what it used to look like, he is vowing to have it open once again for tourists and for everyone to enjoy come this summer. for now, that's the latest in seaside heights, new jersey. back to you in the studio. >> gretchen: thanks very much. that's good news for those people. hard to believe they haven't been in their homes for that long. >> brian: up next, chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. why is the city's crime rate skyrocketing? one woman says she knows and she's here next [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> brian: used to have warm, loving homes. now many dogs displaced during hurricane sandy are living in shelters. some are being put to sleep because no one can take them. today they need your help. joining me live in studio this morning are the co-founder of the great group called sasha's mission and they are dedicated to reuniting these pets with their owners. kim phraser and joey dylan are here. welcome.
4:45 am
>> thank you so much. >> brian: how many dogs have you figured out need homes do you think roughly? >> we have about 15 that were surrendered by the owners who felt that they could no longer provide for their animals and they were very stressed out. they didn't know when they would get back home. about 15 surrendered their pets. >> brian: just couldn't take them? >> yeah. that were from the storm and decided they weren't going to take their animals back. >> brian: and kim, when you looked at these dogs, one in particular really escaped death. >> my friend, buster. >> brian: tell me about him. >> i was -- i get emotional. >> buster has a big history with us. we seized him in 2011. he found his forever home and there was some complications and he kept running away and during hurricane sandy, he was terrified and he bolted and he ran for it. his owners couldn't find him and they didn't really reach out to us right away, but we were
4:46 am
looking on the acc, urgent list and we found buster's photo. at first we weren't certain because he grew up and he looked very different from when we first rescued him as a puppy. and we knew right away, though. we had i think under 13 hours to save him. >> brian: under 13 hours? >> yeah. >> brian: they're put down in what, 72 hours? >> there was for about two weeks. >> he was there for a while. but i was on the web site that evening looking for another dog that was stolen from his house. so it was just a fluke that as i was scanning the pictures, that i came across buster. >> brian: these guys, he looks young. >> he's about six months. >> brian: six months old. they need homes, right? >> knee co- was saved because of buster and thanks to buster that we were able to take nico home as well. >> brian: how did that happen? >> when i reached buster's
4:47 am
owner, she ran down there the next morning before he was euthanized to pick him up. >> at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. >> as christine was there waiting for buster, somebody was surrendering this guy. she called me and said i'm waiting for buster, there is a guy here and i said, can you take pit bull? i said not really, we have no room. we have no fosters. i asked her to tell the guy to take him somewhere else, is it possible he can hold him for a day until we found a foster. he said no, he had to go right then and there. christine said, i'm just going to put him in my truck with buster and i'll drop him off to you. >> brian: there go. >> this is my gift from buster. >> brian: fantastic. >> and bianca was an evacuation zone during hurricane sandy and her house is still being fixed. so she's going to go home soon to her real mommy and daddy. but she's a hurricane sandy dog rescue. >> brian: we're going to put your organization right on our web site, so people can help out, this might be the time. you're thinking about getting a dog, this might be the right scenario for you.
4:48 am
correct? >> yes. or even fosters. we need people willing to foster. >> brian: kim and joey, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, as we continue this hour, rahm emanuel said he has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. so why are chicago's crimes skyrocketing? then, what a girl wants by christina aguilera, with the number one song [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:51 am
>> steve: chicago, illinois has some the strictest gun laws in the united states, but one of the highest number of
4:52 am
gun-related murders there. in 2012, there were 500 homicides in the city. mostly with guns. the politicians, like chicago mayor rahm emanuel keep pushing for more gun control. joining us now from chicago this morning is the member of the group, illinois carry. and the president of fidelity security and investigative services. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. >> steve: do we need more gun laws? you look at chicago, you got a whole bunch of them. criminals don't follow the rules anyway. >> and that's exactly the point. criminals don't follow the rules. we have enough gun laws. we really just need to start enforcing the gun laws that we already have on the books and really start to come down on the criminals for using firearms in the city of chicago. >> steve: you've got some of the toughest gun control laws in the country and yet, the murder rate is through the roof. why? >> because criminals don't follow the law. you can make as many laws as you want to.
4:53 am
criminals, by definition, are criminals. they're not going to follow the laws. the laws only affect the law-abiding citizens who want to own a gun legally for self-defense and protection. >> steve: one of the things you would like to see is you would like to see it legal to conceal a weapon with a permit in chicago because that way it's a deterrent because the guy coming up to you with a gun doesn't know whether or not you're packing. >> exactly. and the city of chicago, unless the criminal is unlucky enough to run into one of several thousand chicago police officers off-duty, in the city of millions, they're probably going to be dealing with a victim who is unable to protect themselves. the criminals know this and they count on it. the fact is that in 49 other states allow some form of carry for citizens. open carry concealed carry. 49 other states can't be wrong, particularly when you look at the crime rate here in the city of chicago. >> steve: is there a possibility
4:54 am
that your city fathers would pass that? >> well, recently the 7th circuit court of appeals, the federal courts ruled that the state of illinois had from its ruling date, 180 days to come up with some sort of workable law to take over courts invalidated unlawful use of a weapons law. >> steve: let's see if they do something because it's a dire situation in chicago. we thank you very much for joining us from the windy city. >> thank you very much. >> steve: straight ahead, what your flight attendant won't tell you, like how to get a free upgrade. could be impacted by what you're wearing. then another example of your tax dollars at work, hard at work, why is welfare money being spent at strip joints you've reached e where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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4:58 am
secretary of defense, it's the republicans who apparently will have the most questions. we're live for you at the white house. >> steve: then breaking his silence for the first time, retired general stanley mccrystal on that infamous career ending rolling stone article, and tensions with the white house. that's coming up in about a minute. >> brian: he'll be joining us live. jiggling your glass of ice will make the flight attendant dash to get a refill. it will make her do something else all together. flight attendant secrets revealed. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: welcome aboard. is it just my imagination, gretchen, or does the couch smell like sausages? >> gretchen: we fumigated in the last commercial. >> brian: very cute puppies. >> gretchen: remember when you had to bring in the fabreeze
4:59 am
about six months ago, because the couch had a significant odor problem? we need it again. >> steve: i love it. >> gretchen: the sausage high school a different kind of effect on one of the dogs. >> brian: i agree with steve. not with the dog. >> gretchen: you like them? >> steve: snausages, a dog treat. >> gretchen: you eat them? >> steve: i love what they do for the dogs! is[ laughter ] thank you for joining us on this monday. his nomination for defense secretary isn't even official yet. because very tough confirmation hearing looming already for former nebraska republican senator chuck hagel. president obama is going to nominate him in just a couple of hours. brian? >> brian: the pig is under fire from both -- pick is under fire from both parties. jennifer has the latest. at the very least, you could say this would be contentious and not many democrats weighed in yet on how they feel about senator hagel.
5:00 am
>> well, looks like it's going to be a bruising process, brian. but it's important to remember that the senate has only rejected nine nominations, cabinet nominations since 1834. the last time that the senate rejected a cabinet nominee from the president was in 1989. that was john tower. you'll remember who was nominated for secretary of defense. what has republicans and democrats up in arms about chuck hagel are remarks that he has made in the past about israel. and in 2006, interview with former middle east envoy aaron david miller, hagel said the following: >> i'm a united states senator. >> he has favored direct talks with iran and one of two senators to vote against sanctioning iran. members of the senate armed services committee are questioning the president's choice.
5:01 am
>> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an organization, terrorist group that lobs thousands of rockets into israel. >> his defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> chuck hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman. served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. and so why all the prejudging? i don't know. >> the president plans to nominate his current counterterrorism advisor, john brennan, to the post of director of c.i.a. at a white house announcement here later today at 1 p.m chuck hagel and john brennan will be present for that white house ceremony. back to you. >> brian: usually when you nominate a republican, republicans are happy, like when
5:02 am
william cohen. can you compare when william cohen was nominated as a republican by a democratic president as opposed to senator hagel? >> we've heard republicans say that chuck hagel ceased being a republican several years ago. they were concerned when he voted against -- remember, he voted against the iraq surge. he was against it. he differed from the bush administration on a number of things and i think a lot of republicans feel that he sort of left the party a while back. >> brian: jennifer griffin at the white house for a very good reason. news secretary of defense is going to be nominated today. thanks. >> gretchen: another controversial issue was general mccrystal. remember over in afghanistan he was leading the charge there and he gave an interview to the rolling stone magazine. in that, there were many revelations about how he felt about president obama and his administration. subsequently, mccrystal did resign. >> brian: i will say this, he was never quoted, criticizing the administration.
5:03 am
others were saying that's how he felt. but he never blamed anybody else. he just offered his resignation. >> steve: in the rolling stone article, his aides were quoted and they insulted joe biden and they also insulted richard holbrook, who at that point was a special envoy to that country. you know what? he's got no regrets. he was on the today show this morning. going to be on our show if a couple of days. shear tanly mccrystal. listen. >> i accepted responsibility. i was in command and you're responsible for everything bad that happens and good. i accept that. i walked into the room with the resignation in my pocket. i offered the president my resignation, but i said i would do whatever is best for the mission. >> was there a part of you that wanted him not to accept it? did you want to stay in the job? >> i wanted to stay in the job, but i wanted to do what was best for the mission and i felt that whatever the president felt was best for the mission was what i needed to do. >> any regrets? >> not really. >> gretchen: he's written a book and that's the reason now that
5:04 am
he's out really telling his story. he'll be joining us later on this week on "fox & friends." >> brian: i'm about halfway through it. it's great. for those of you who don't fully understand the mission, like most of us don't understand, the way we change gears and adapted to the environment and blew out al-qaeda in iraq, had a lot to do with what he did and to fully understand and have a full appreciation for what our military went through for six years and how they just dominated that area after being sent back early, you'll be in awe of this and we are a lesser force without general mccrystal on board. it's bad for america that he's not still in. >> steve: he was a big part of the puzzle and perhaps that's why his memoir is called "my share of the task." he'll be on thursday. >> gretchen: as we just told you, john brennan will be nominated today for c.i.a. director. he was considered for the post in 2008, but with drew his name from consideration then. he's recently faced criticism for being largely absent during the investigation into the
5:05 am
benghazi terrorist attack. he previously spent 25 years, though, at the spy agency. right now mike morell is acting director. he replaced david petraeus, who resigned over an extramarital affair. today for the first time we'll hear ex continuesive evidence against colorado movie massacre suspect james holmes. at his preliminary hearing, prosecutors will call dozens of witnesses, play 911 calls, even show video from inside the movie theater. if the evidence is as strong as expected, holmes could take a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the shooting last july. in one hour, secretary of state hillary clinton heading back to work. five days ago she was reloosed from the hospital after being treated for a blood clot. many lawmakers demanding she still testify about the benghazi terrorist attack before they vote on senator john kerry as her successor. look what's left of this car. six-month-old baby was inside this car when it ran a stop sign and collided with a pick up truck in maine.
5:06 am
cops say even though the baby was strapped into that car seat, he was still thrown from the vehicle. he landed in the snow 25 feet away. the baby and mom taken to the hospital with serious, but thankfully not life-threatening injuries. the police do say the mom could now face distracted driving charges. the driver of the truck had minor injuries. her two kids were not hurt. those are your headlines. >> steve: that's a miracle. there is a fellow named george habaka, syndicated travel journalist and he has published something called an item. on-line item called 17 things your flight attendant won't tell you. did you realize that sometimes on an airplane your flight attendant, when you ask for a cup of coffee, regular, they actually make decaf because they want you to be calm and maybe even fall asleep so you don't keep bugging them for a coke. >> gretchen: interesting. there is 17 items here. some are going to steam you, i think. >> steve: i'm steamed about the
5:07 am
decaf! >> gretchen: here is one that i think people could probably figure out. how you're dressed could affect your upgrade. apparently they rarely do it, but once you're on the airplane, maybe they ask some people back in the coach section whether or not they'd like to come up to first class. apparently has something to do with whether or not you're dressed nicely or you're attractive. >> steve: or if you're a friend or pregnant. >> gretchen: but here is the caveat. sometimes don't do that because they don't have enough meals for all the seats threw if all the people are not sitting in those seats. this one got me a little upset f. a flight is late, the airline might have to pay us overtime, so if it's going to be late anyway, we've been known to delay it even more in order to make sure overtime kicks in. >> steve: did you realize, according to george, they're only paid for the time they are in the sky. when they greet you at the door, that's for free. when they're taxiing, that's for free. it's only when their wheel is up that they get paid. also, keep in mind this is
5:08 am
written with tongue in cheek in some places. they do say don't ask me where you can shove your bag. i've been waiting 12 years to tell you where you can shove it. >> gretchen: that's kind of mean. we really don't like children. not just your children, children, period. why do you think we chose a career where we spend half our lives away from home? >> steve: that's harsh. >> gretchen: this one is gross. please don't take your computer and a newspaper into the lav. it's gross and it means you're going to be occupying it longer than you should. >> steve: and shear another thing that they don't tell you. apparently they ask the captain to leave the seatbelt sign on long after the turbulence simply so they can get the beverage cart through and meal service done. >> gretchen: there is a lot of good people who are flight attendants. i don't think this means that everyone feels this way. >> steve: it's with a sense of humor. but perhaps next time, just make sure. are you sure it's regular? it's not decaf, right? >> brian: five hour energy. >> steve: you think so? >> brian: yeah. five hour energy.
5:09 am
don't worry about the coffee. >> steve: you know how many times you could push that button in five hours? >> brian: they're going to ban that soon. straight ahead, what what happens when you get too close to had hungry polar bear? this fan minds out the hard way. >> steve: nancy pelosi says more taxes are on the table. but they won't hurt the middle class. is that a promise she can keep? last time they said this, middle class taxes went up. peter johnson, jr. talks about the former speaker coming up. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
5:10 am
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5:12 am
>> do you then agree with the republican leader in the senate, mr. mcconnell, who says we're done now with the taxes side, now we have to concentrate on spending. is that done now? the revenue side of it taken
5:13 am
care of? >> no, n. it is not. the president had said originally he wanted $1.6 trillion in revenue. he took it down to 1.2 as a compromise in this legislation we get $620 billion. very significant, changing the high end tax rate. but that is not enough on the revenue side. >> steve: that's not enough. nancy pelosi admits she still is looking for more new revenue taxes and that's code for jacking up taxes on perhaps everybody. but the minority leader promises it would not hurt the middle class. is that a promise she can keep? peter johnson, jr. joins us on this monday. >> steve, america, did you ever see anyone say no, no, no, no with a better smile than that? some of this reveling, more revenues, more tax. of course there is going to be more taxes. the president and the white house have said kind of privately, any more financial
5:14 am
she unanimous begans that go on, half have to be in more revenues. maybe half in reductions in the federal budget. so we're going to see more of this. nancy pelosi said the president was looking for 1.6 trillion. he couldn't get it. we saw an editorial in the "new york times" this morning, pick that up for some reason, that's a good reason to read it today where it says, let's look at the carbon tax. let's look at the value added tax. >> steve: they're back on that? >> yeah. the value added tax. like a consumption tax, a regresssive tax, a tax that affects the poorest americans the most on every purchase. this is only the beginning. john boehner is saying in the "wall street journal," there won't be any tax increases for the next two years, according to the republicans on his watch. you have to see where the president is, where nancy pelosi is, where senator reid is and they're saying, we didn't get our pound of flesh the first time around. the second time around we're going to get it and let me tell
5:15 am
you something else, we're not going to key the debt creel to go reducing the cell budget. they say it's a full faith and credit issue. we have to make good on what the congress has done in the past. talk about it separately. >> steve: you know what, peter, the president of the united states felt that he was reelected with the mandate to raise taxes on the rich. they have done that. only the president thought the rich people were those who made $250,000. now it's at $400,000. the republicans were able to double that. but he already got that deal. so if he goes back with the handout saying, we need more from the rich, i think the average american is going to go, didn't they already pay their fair share? >> the average american is used to getting scammed now. they were told by a lot of media outlets that they were saved from the fiscal cliff. 40 to $50,000 taxpayers in this country will pay $600 more over the past year. a lot of them don't even know it. >> steve: what tax is that?
5:16 am
payroll? >> the fica tax. there was a moratorium on it. it was taken off. >> steve: it was a holiday. >> it was a holiday, in order to stimulate the economy, reaganomicss perhaps and say no, we can't do that anymore, let's put the taxes back on the working people, tell them we're soak the rich, but saying oh, give us your 2%. so they're paying the 2% for the millionaires tax and say, what happened? $600 is a lot of money! where is that dough? >> steve: people will start to notice it. >> some people got checks last week and a lot of others are getting checks this week. so 2%. 2%. >> steve: but they're coming for more. >> nancy pelosi said it and i think she's a person of her word. she's an honorable person, i believe. she believes that we should tax everyone more. she said nothing is off the table and she said she was, quote, agnostic. agnostic about where it should come from. that's a fancy word for saying, i don't care where it comes from. it's coming from somebody.
5:17 am
certainly not from her. >> steve: and the president of the united states doesn't have to get reelected. but john boehner made it clear, he's not going to do it. >> thank you very much. >> steve: thank you very much. next up, one of the stars of the hit show "criminal minds" under arrest. how ironic. then another example of your tax dollars hard at work. welfare money being spent at strip clubs. we'll investigate. brian should go perhaps undercover. that's coming up
5:18 am
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>> steve: nice salute. time for quick headlines. crews have been able to free the oil rig that ran aground in alaska last week and say there is no sign that it has sprung a leak. it was refloated off the rocks and will be towed about 30 miles near an island. and he plays the detective on television, but now "criminal minds" actor thomas gibson is on the other side of the law. the 50-year-old was arrested for drunk driving after cops say he ran through a police barricade in downtown l.a., just like in a tv show. he currently is out on bail. over to you. >> brian: thanks. who knew you could spend welfare money at strip clubs? recipients can collect cash from their taxpayer-funded cards at any atm, even those in liquor stores and x rated shops. >> gretchen: joining us is new york city assembly member who is upset when this and trying to enact some change. let's explain, if you can, there is a difference between food stamps and then these atm sort
5:22 am
of cards that welfare recipients receive sparse restrictions. >> right now in new york action food stamps are restricted, you can not use them to purchase cigarettes, alcohol, any tobacco products, lottery tickets. so what this legislation that we're trying to pass in albany would do is extend that to those cash allowances which are electronic benefit transfer cards, almost like an a fm card, that provides a cash allowance, which is supposed to be used for shelter, clothing, real basic needs. >> brian: how outraged were you or was it enlightening to you to see that story over the weekend? >> it's something the post has been talk being for some time. they did a couple of reports on this in the past, which is why we started to put forth legislation on the issue. we had legislation prior. but the issue is also that we stand to lose $120 million in federal funding if we do not comply with this by 2014 because it is something that under the
5:23 am
middle class tax relief act, we need to comply with by 2014. >> gretchen: it seems like a no brainer to the average american citizen that why would there be these kinds of loopholes when we're facing such a huge deficit in this country and people are really upset about fraudulent activity? >> sure. i come from a district that has been devastated by hurricane sandy and any dollar that comes into new york state is something we need desperately to make sure it's being used properly. people who are on temporary assistance, we need to make sure they can get the funds that they need and how do we do that unless we eliminate waste? >> brian: you also want to get it on the merchants, whether it's a strip club or whether any of these place, they should be actually responsible and they should be legally liable. >> yeah. this legislation would provide a provision for civil penalties for both the seller and the buyer, as well as prevent atm's that are located in casino, liquor stores or adult entertainment facilities to accept these ebt cards.
5:24 am
we're trying to prevent this. >> gretchen: do you suspect there will be a fight from other assembly members? >> in the state senate, it passed with bipartisan support. so we'll have to see what happens this session. i think it's something that i and my colleagues in the republican conference will be pushing for. i also think it's something we can call on the governor to include in his budget, which comes out in february. >> brian: we reached out to the you was of temporary and disability conference for comment. we have not heard back. >> gretchen: all right. nicole, republican from brooklyn, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, judge jeanine pirro, one of the legal gun owners called out by the journal news in westchester county, new york. she had something to say about that. >> get the hell out of your elitist egg head tower. put on your big boy pants, face the music and start answering
5:25 am
some questions. >> gretchen: wow. >> brian: i'm afraid to keep reading. >> gretchen: i know you are. more from the judge straight ahead. >> brian: then, by the way, i am wearing big boy pants. i just got them. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: for a change. then what happens when you get too close to a hungry polar bear? this reporter finds out the hard way. the heart stopping video. you've got it see it. someone says you are seeing it.
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> brian: time for your shot of the morning. it's tiger woods' ex, elan again. she has a twin sister. this could be the twin sister. evidently she's soaking up the sun in the bahamas, looking good, according to the prompter, in a black bikini. i'll confirmed that. >> steve: i think she's on vacation. i would imagine. those don't look like work clothes. >> brian: i don't think so. >> steve: actually depending on the job. >> gretchen: she was a swim suit model. >> steve: then it could be her. >> brian: she looks sweaty. >> gretchen: she looks great. >> brian: right. but i will say this, if you are the ex miss tiger woods, you don't have to work. >> steve: that's true. >> gretchen: true. >> steve: she's got plenty. >> brian: is splash the name of the company? >> steve: splash is the name of
5:30 am
the outfit that took the picture. thanks, splash. >> gretchen: let's talk about what thes who is doing about broad gun control. apparently it's going to be a full throttle initiative. it's going to include some mental health issues, as well as -- >> steve: new gun laws. >> gretchen: assault rifles, et cetera. there was, there was a vigil anti-y approach by a newspaper in new york, the last couple of weeks, we've been telling you that they disclosed gun owners legally who own guns in their county. they put out a map with the red dots and it infuriated people who don't have gun permits as well because it sort of left them sitting talks for criminals to know that they can come to their house and they won't have a gun as a weapon to defend themselves. >> brian: those sitting ducks is judge jeanine pirro who was shocked to find her name on those who has a legally licensed gun. that came to her attention. for a change she had an opinion on it. she was ripping.
5:31 am
listen. >> the firestorm began when the journal news identified gun owners in a pedophile-like interactive map. the battered woman hiding from her abuser, whose address has been protected by the courts. the police officer whose family is now in jeopardy; the witness who testified against the bad guy who is in jail for years has been stewing about that witness. judges and d.a.'s like who not only investigated, indicted, and prosecuted criminals, but as a judge, actually put them in jail! so when the heat is turned up and we want answers and we want to know why, you, the journal news, can't talk? you shut down? come on. give us a hint. was it your leftist liberal agenda? did you think about the
5:32 am
consequences? was it all about money? will you step up if something happens to one of us? you know you've made us vulnerable. now that you're under the microscope, you look like a deer in the headlights. you're looking pretty weak right now and my sources tell me you're scared. you're disconnecting your phones. you're hiding behind people with guns. after criticizing those of us who legally own them. get the hell out of your elitist, egg head tower. put on your big boy pants, face the music, and start answering some questions! >> steve: that is absolutely awesome. why is she angry? remember, when she was a district attorney up in westchester county, which is one of the counties that did allow through the public of information act, the information to be repeated and printed on-line with the interactive map, for years the d.a., she put a lot of bad guys away. and a lot of them are out. they can find her and she is upset with that.
5:33 am
also gretch was talking earlier with a fellow in rockland county where some of the inmates in the jail are taunting the guards saying, hey, i looked up on-line, i know where you live. you're in trouble. now they say look, they've got to take this map often line. dollar number of gun organizations that are calling for a boycott of the advertisers of the journal news. >> gretchen: i think the biggest hypocritical thing about this story no matter what side of the fence you're on on this is that they're now using armed guards to forget their building. i mean, that's a little hypocritical if you don't believe that people should be able to own guns legally. >> steve: the name of the article was, the gun owner next door, what you don't know about the weapons in your neighborhood. these people had permits. they're trying to make it seem like if the neighbor has a gun, they're doing something wrong. they're not. they're protected by the law. >> brian: senator feinstein is one of the law makers who said this is an opportunity, i'm not saying she's not sincere, but the opportunity after the tragedy at newtown to push gun control legislation and she
5:34 am
wants to go the furthest. that really caught the attention of marine joshua boston who has got a gun. he fought for this country and said, i'm not your subject. i'm the man who keeps you free. i'm not your servants. i'm the person whom you serve. i am not your peasant. i am the flesh and blood of america. i am the man who fought for my country. i'm the man who learned i am an american. he is not taking this legislation sitting down and he is just as outraged as you are about what happened in newtown, connecticut. but he also joins us this morning. >> steve: he did. and when asked about this proposed assault weapons ban, he had this to say about senator feinstein's bill. >> rifles, accounted for 323 deaths in 2011 and homicides. so i mean, more people were
5:35 am
killed by hands, fists and feet. but we go after this because it was used in this atrocious event. next thing you know, the next time somebody use has bolt action rifle to kill 18 people at a college like happened in the '60s with charles whitman at ut, they're going to go after deer rifles and then shotguns because the precedent will be set. limiting our rights to guns and limiting what people can own in their home is just going to embolden criminals to be more violent with this, like we see in great britain where they have a fifth of our population, but they have over 2.2 million incidents of violent crime a year. >> steve: right now we've got something like 2,000 gun laws on the books and one of the most restrictive gun law towns in america is chicago, illinois. and they had 500 murders, mostly by guns, last year. we had a guest in the last hour who said what they need to do in chicago is have the concealed carry law so if you're a bad guy with a gun, you don't know if the guy you're coming up to is packing heat himself. >> gretchen: that debate will be front and center, no doubt, in the coming months on capitol hill. let's get to some of your headlines now. in less than six hours, a man accused of plotting a bomb near
5:36 am
a subway system will face a judge. he will be arraigned in a brooklyn court. he and other members of al-qaeda also plot to do attack targets in britain and norway. he was extradited last week from british custody. >> brian: plans to visit north korea drawing criticism from the state department. despite the criticism, schmidt is there. along with restrictive human policies. he's there with form democratic new mexico governor, bill richardson. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. >> brian: the state department says it's wrong to visit just weeks after north korea's controversial rocket launch. >> steve: they thought hundreds of love letters they wrote
5:37 am
during world war ii were gone forever. they were stolen 50 years ago. somehow they ended up in the hands of a stamp collector whose son tracked down the couple. >> just brings back all those memoryies. >> it's very emotional for us. brings back, as she says, some marvelous memories of getting the letters, but hellish times lived. >> steve: the collector was keeping them for the stamps. they want them for the messages. they were married 70 years ago. that is a great story. >> gretchen: the only thing standing between a cameraman and a hungry polar bear, this pane of glass. the cameraman construct add glass cage to get as close as possible to the largest
5:38 am
carnivore on earth without becoming lunch. the bear first tried to push open the door, then tried to bash it open. then she started shaking the cage with all of her weight. it went on for 45 minutes before she gave up. polar bears are one of the few animals that actually see humans as food. >> steve: he could literally see it right there. just couldn't get to it. >> brian: 0 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama signing off on the scaled back aid package for victims of super storm sandy. it gives pima about $10 billion for flood insurance victims. the full package will be voted on january 15. >> steve: it's home at last. this morning for residents of hard hit seaside heights, new jersey, they were on their way home for the first time since the storm hit. wnyw reporter lydia is there
5:39 am
live with the good news. people are going home, lydia! >> finally, finally, inching towards normalcy, more than two months since sandy hit. about 100 residents can finally move back in. but this is what seaside heights still looks like, empty streets, road blocks, garbage. but they are trying to finally rebuild. about 100 homeowners have what's called a certificate of occupancy. officials granted that so they can finally move back in. about 3,000 people live here year round at its peak during the summer, about 65,000 people pack the jersey shore, made popular by the show, the "jersey shore." finally everyone is pretty excited that this is showing that they're getting back to normal, but as you can see, they still have a very long way to go. the boardwalk alone, the famous boardwalk here that was torn apart during the storm, it will cost officials estimated about $13 million to rebuild. for now, that's the latest here in seaside heights, new jersey. back to you in the studio. >> steve: so they're going to rebuild the boardwalk as quickly
5:40 am
as they can because summer is coming. but then a lot of the restaurants and other distractions are destroyed and people might be able to walk up and down the boardwalk, but there is not going to be that much to see, is there? >> governor chris christie said although the jersey shore will look very different than what we're used to seeing, he plans on having it open for this summer for all the tourists and everyone to come and enjoy. but of course, it has been absolutely devastated by super storm sandy. tough jersey. they plan ton rebuilding. >> steve: indeed. thank you very much. of course, the big point is the sand and the surf. the shore itself. >> brian: they took a huge bite out of long beach's famed board walk, 2, 3,000 people showed up to see a piece of the boardwalk pulled away. >> gretchen: hopefully they can rebuild there. want to know why california is so broke? they spent a boat load of money on a stink detector. that's straight ahead.
5:41 am
>> steve: the streets were supposed to be named after war heros. they weren't. instead, they were named after. >> brian: politicians. >> steve: including one involved in a? >> brian: scandal i i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. >> steve: quick headlines from the control room now. a massachusetts guy attacked by a bobcat in his garage. the man says he heard a his and the cat pounced. it sunk its claws into him and then his nephew. his whole family is being
5:45 am
treated for rabies. and california smog regulators spending $200,000 on a stink detector. the system apparently will warn people in the san fernando valley when a strong search is coming their way. last year, nasty smell of dead fish and algae overwhelmed the area, prompting people to call 911. it was the salt and sea. >> gretchen: yuck! >> steve: brian, back to you. >> brian: these trees behind me to my immediate left were supposed to be named after war heros. how did politicians end up getting that honor instead? joining us is a retired marine and desert storm vet. david navares, friends with one of the marines that was supposed to have one of these streets named after him. what happened? >> what happened is these plans were approved originally in 2006. all right? two weeks ago, they said they're going to flip flop and put in somebody else's name, former
5:46 am
city councilman, who has been indicted and currently sitting in jail, as well as another one of those in house arrest in california. >> brian: one of these is jesus gandara, that's one caught up in a corruption scandal. the guy you're focused on is gutierrez, he's a veteran who back in 2006 got the official documentation that he should have a street named after him. how is he handling all this? >> the guy down south, they're pretty shaken up. it makes them, as well as me, feel our time in service meant absolutelying into. that's ridiculous. >> brian: are you going to fight this or are you going to just talk about it? >> you bet. no, i think the talking is done. we as veterans need to gather around this in el paso, there is an estimated 70,000 veterans
5:47 am
here. 42,000 veterans from the census. 171,000 active duty military at fort bliss alone. this sends a message loud and clear. to the military municipality and veteran community, you know, your time didn't mean nothing to us in the area. that's the truth. >> brian: people want to help you out and get behind you, marines all around the world watch, where do they go? >> they can go to the web site. they can call mr. garcia, the direct down there, accessible. give me a call. e-mail me. marine 8291 at yahoo. what i like to see happen every friday, from 3:00 o'clock to 3:15 p.m. is veterans lined up on the proposed streets of hero, which is the name cobra, i would like to see them lined up every
5:48 am
friday. i would like to see headlights. i would like to see headlights turned on until they do the right thing. >> brian: still fighting for the right reasons, thanks so much and there is other veterans who should have blocks named after them and hasn't gone their way either. thanks so much for your service and your time today. >> any time. >> brian: straight ahead, she was born way too soon, weighing two pounds. but look at her now. this 7-year-old has a life saving message every parent needs to hear
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> coming up, we have new information on why it will be a bruising battle head for chuck hagel over the defense secretary position. and gun owners bracing for big changes as new laws are on the
5:52 am
way. we'll tell what you you need to know. lance armstrong, is he about to admit to what he has denied all along. a stunning turn of events. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. gretchen? >> gretchen: always hope for a healy and happy baby. but sometimes they can arrive premature, as was the case for chris and vince. their beautiful daughter, nina, was born nine weeks early, weighing less than 3 pounds. she spent her first five weeknighting foreher life in a newborn intensive care. but today she's an active 7-year-old with two siblings. she and her parents are the march of dimes national ambassadors, as well as my guests this morning. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i see you have on the purple color for the march of dimes. it's the 75th anniversary for march of dimes, which makes it extra special to be the ambassador family. chris, i know you were a nurse working with these types of premature babies and then you found yourself in exactly the same situation. >> i did.
5:53 am
and it was quite the experience. as we say for all parents that has a premature baby, no one ever expects that to happen. and considering my past working there, i would have never thought. but our outcome was wonderful. nina was two mounds, 15 ounces, 15-inch the long and spent five weeks in the icu. >> gretchen: look how beautiful you turned out, nina. now you're 7 and you're the national ambassador for march of dimes. that means you're going to be on lots of airplanes. tell me what you hope to do this year. >> i hope to help babies just like the march of dimes helped me. >> gretchen: that is a great mission. the interesting thing is, you work for ge, you were selling the type of equipment in these hospitals that they need to keep babies like her alive. >> right. it's pretty ironic.
5:54 am
working for g.e. health care, i'm a nicu virtually every day working with the nurses and the doctors, trying to get them the right equipment to take care of babies like nina. you would think with some exposure to that, there would be some familiarity, but we were never prepared to see our own baby in that situation. so you're never prepared. >> gretchen: never prepared. now you've experienced it and you'll do this for a year. stick around because when we come back, we'll learn how you can become involved in the walke for march of dimes. right back l because it was so yummy. weight watchers online worked for me because it lets me live my life. i can still go out with my friends. i can still enjoy my favorite foods and drinks. it's just a smarter way of eating. i lost 40 lbs. wow it's amazing. my most favorite part of my new body is my bottom. [ laughs ] [ hudson ] weight watchers online. the power of weight watchers completely online. join for free today.
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5:58 am
chuck hagel if, the president's expected pick for defense secretary. he is facing critics that say he is anti-israel and too soft on iran on. on the right, john brennan, the counterterroism advisor, expected to head the cia he also comes along with some controversy. good morning everybody. huge welcome back to my partner in crime. martha: did you miss me? bill: tirelessly so. martha: good morning. happy new year. bill: back to reality. martha: back to reality. had a wonderful time. very good to be back. happy new year to you. to everybody at home. good morning. this is obviously a very big story this morning. senator hagel as you know is a republican. some of his tough comments alienate ad lot of colleagues. you heard a lot of that over the course of the weekend. the nomination being called antagonistic by snored lindsey graham. here he is. >> this is and in your face nomination by the president all of us who are supported of israel. chuck hagel sut of the mainstream of thinking i
5:59 am
think on most issues regarding foreign policy. bill: want to get to our national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the white house. good morning there. what about the backlash of pick for secretary of defense, chuck hagel? >> reporter: what has republicans and democrats up in arms are remarks that chuck hagel made in the senate. it was an interview he gave to aaron david miller, the middle east envoy, in 2006. hagel made reference to intimidation by quote, the jewish lobby. hagel favored direct talks with iran an hamas and is one of two senators to vote against sanctioning iran. >> he is consistently advocated weakness with respect to our enemies, with respect to the nation of iran. he has opposed sanctions over and over again and the job of the secretary of defense is to be a serious, credible strength and deterrent and unfortunately